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What makes us unique? Quite simply, an extensive knowledge of the Plastics Industry and the ability to deliver results on a global basis. It has always been our biggest priority to ensure precise understanding of your products and their applications in order to provide a shortlist of applicants closely matching your needs and expectations. We realise that your time is precious. Therefore, we only focus on those individuals, who demonstrate appropriate skills and experience relevant to your vacancies in terms of market or process knowledge, level of seniority and career progression expectations. We are also acutely aware that a personality fit is of equal importance to the industry awareness. Thus, it is an essential part of our approach to, where possible, meet with as many of our clients to understand their organisational culture and relay this to prospective candidates.

Our complex worldwide network of contacts allows us to deal with your recruitment needs on a global basis. We have proved on numerous occasions that despite operating from a single location in the UK, we are able to source appropriate candidates in multiple geographical locations, covering Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia. This allows your organisation to significantly reduce the number of consultancies to use and benefit from our attractive multiple assignment discounts.

Over the years, we have dealt with demanding briefs in various areas of the Plastics Industry. We have supported global polyolefins and standard resins producers, compounders of engineering thermoplastics, manufacturers of polymer additives and colour masterbatches, toll compounders as well as distributors of raw materials and polymer traders. We have also worked with numerous organisations in the downstream sector. This includes businesses of all sizes utilising modern forms of polymer processing such as injection moulding, blow moulding (IBM, EBM, ISBM), extrusion (pipe, profile, blown film) as well as thermoforming and vacuum forming. Other associated sectors are also part of our specialism – mould making, hot runner systems providers, capital equipment manufacturers.

Through our industry focus, we have acquired a good understanding of polymer application markets such as Packaging, Automotive, E&E, Home Appliances, Consumer Goods, Medical Devices and Healthcare. If you are operating within the Plastics Industry and seeking a trustworthy organisation to deal with your ongoing recruitment requirements – look no further, Simplex Recruitment is the right choice.

SIMPLEX Recruitment MD

  • A knowledgeable recruitment professional with several years of experience solely within the Plastics Industry, having successfully managed single and multiple assignments for highly demanding functions across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America and North Africa.

    Extensive knowledge of the Raw Material Sector, demonstrating an impressive track record of recruiting for a range of well-recognised organisations in the Polymer Sector.

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